Membership in Organizations

Dominik is engaged as a member in different organizations. Volunteer work is very important to him. Overview:

Helene Lange Gymnasium Rowing Club


The HLGRC e.V is a rowing club in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Its youth department is the rowing team of the Helene Lange Gymnasium in Rendsburg.

Dominik has been a member of this club since the age of twelve. It is a very important part of his life, giving him support and friends during the years in school. He has been the boats keeper and the president of the clubs youth department.

After finishing school Dominik became boats keeper of the club and the coach of the rowing team until 2010. He is still an active member of the club but switched to the Schleswig-Holstein Rowing Association as assistant coach for coxed quadrupel sculls of the 14-16 year old girls because of relocating to a place near Hamburg.

Geraffel Village

Geraffel Village is a distributed hackerspace organized by a loosly connected group of veteran nerds from the fields of computer hacking, computer forensic, and computer security.

They regularly participate in hacker camps and other hacking/ security related events like the Chaos Communication Congress.

Since the start of the Covid pandemic Geraffel Village is providing an online bar for meeting people, discussing ideas and political opinions, and giving talks about mostly but not limeted to computer security related topics.

Dominik has been part of Geraffel Village since 2010. He is providing intra village 10GBit/s network connectivity on hacker camps and is giving talks about processor backdoors and FPGA related topics. He is enjoying the culture of open discussion, ethical path finding, and friendship.

Gesellschaft für Informatik


The German Informatics Society is a professional association for computer scientists in the german spoken area.

Dominik is a member of the GI since 2016. He is member of the governing body for the specialist group Appliances, Personal and Smart Devices.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


The IEEE is a worldwide professional association of engineers. Mostyl electrical and computer engineers are organized in this association.

Dominik is a member of the IEEE since 2014.

Industrial Electronics Society (IES)


He is involved in the Industrial Electronics Society, a part of the IEEE with focus on industrial Electronics and Informatics. Most of his papers are published on conferences and journals of this society.

He is also engaged in two technical commitees of the society.

Technical Commitee on Building Automation, Control, and Management


In the Technical Commitee on Building Automation, Control, and Management Dominik has been involved in the last 7 years and has been fullfilling the position as the secretary for the last 3 years.

Technical Commitee on Technology Ethics and Society


Dominik is also a member of the Technical Commitee on Technology Ethics and Society which has been founded 2020.