Who is Dominik?

Dominik Meyer is a principal investigator and Cybersecurity researcher at the computer engineering group of the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg (HSU). He is also a part time hacker, FPGA hardware developer, and rowing coach.
He is responsible for two projects including the HSU part of the SOVEREIGN project.
His main research interests are:


Dominik finished his Diploma Thesis 2008 at the Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel. The title of his thesis has been "Digitale Signaturen in der Prüfungsorganisation" (Digital Signatures in Exam Organization).

2015 Dominik finished his PhD at the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg with the title "Multicore Reconfiguration Platform - A Research and Evaluation FPGA Framework for Runtime Reconfigurable Systems".


Dominik started his work life during the .com boom in Germany at an Internet Service Provider (ISP). He was responsible for all the required servers for services like:

He fullfilled the position of the Chief Technology Officer from 1999 - 2003.

From 2003 - 2009 Dominik was responsible for the webhosting infrastructure of a network centric company. He was also the lead system architect for Linux based firewall and groupware solutions.

2009 Dominik switched to computer science research and has been working at the computer engineering group of the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg. His research responsibilites has been:

Since his PhD 2015 Dominik has been working as a principal investigator at the same computer engineering group. He is responsible for a cooperation project with the german navy evaluating communication structures for integrated air and missile defence within the Maritime Theatre Missile Defence (MTMD Forum). This project also includes international standardization. His research responsibilites switched to:

Favourite Programming Languages